Google Analytics 101August 29, 2011

Why use Google Analytics? Google Analytics provides powerful tracking for anyone who has a web presence, whether it's a blog website or a giant enterprise. It's one of the best and most powerful web analytics solutions on the market - and it's totally free for us use. Also, Google AdWords customers can see their Analytics data from inside their AdWords account. Just go to Reporting>Google Analytics. Plus, Analytics will automatically tag your AdWords campaigns for tracking, and AdWords advertisers benefit from unlimited pageviews.

To get started with Analytics, please visit the video below.

For Business Professionals:

•Which marketing efforts have been most effective?
•What are the traffic patterns/trends on my websites?
•Which customer are most valuable?

For Marketing Professionals:

•Where are the visitors coming from and what are they doing on my site?
•How do I use my website convert more visitors into clients?
•Which keywords resonate with prospects and lead to conversions?
•Which online ad is effective?

For Content & Web Developers:

•Why do people leave my site without doing what I want?
•Are there website designs that are turning visitors away?
•What site content are my visitors most interested in?

Click here to watch this easy video: Intro to Google Analytics