Be a Professional and Have a Facebook PageAugust 29, 2011

The Line Between Social and Professional Networking

If you're careful, and use your connections wisely, the key is to be careful. Please be cautious about the amount and type of information they are sharing. From my perspective as an executive, Facebook pages can become an electronic diaries that you’re willing to have the whole word look at, any time, any where, remember people can download your image, comments and save them for later distribution and will be on the internet FOR EVER.

When you do decide to use the social networking sites for professional networking, here are some suggestions on how best to utilize it:

•First, make a decision whether to keep Facebook social or expand your use.
•If you decide to use Facebook for professional networking, take a close look at your Profile and decide what you want business contacts or prospective customers to see.
•Create a simple profile (or clean up with your existing one) with minimal graphics and widgets.
•Limit your photos.
•Post content relevant to your business.
•Use Facebook email to build relationships with your Friends.
•Choose your Friends wisely. Friends can see info. about your other FB friends in your FB profile.

To be taken professionally, be very, very careful what you share with the world on Facebook. People seem to forget that everyone can see what is going on.

Step by step how-to for establishing your professional reputation on Facebook.

Facebook Profile Tutorial by KidPics