Creating a Website Using WordPressAugust 29, 2011

The WordPress system is one of the easiest to use platforms available. Not only can you update content on a website, WordPress is also backed up by an in depth online support of literally thousands of smart people. These smart people are the ones building widgets, plug-ins, fixing bugs, and helping users that are just getting started.

Plus, WordPress is free to use and it’s open-source program. If a business finds a competent designer/coder than the world of WordPress opens further than ever imaginable. For the price of a 15 year old condo you’ll get a brand new oceanfront mansion. That’s WordPress; a magnificent tool for a small business or an organization wanting that “big business” feel and functionality.

How WordPress Will Help Your Business

Easy to Update and SEO

Without ever writing code and without a computer engineering degree, you’ll be a content-updating master within very little time. You’ll add a few more steps along the way and within minutes you can create an SEO page or blog thread on your website. Click to see a tutorial on how to create a new page in WordPress below.

Customizable Layout

A competent WordPress theme developer can take your concept and create a replica of what you desire and use the “easy to use” WordPress layout to create a Content Management System to fit your exact needs. WordPress is more than a blog platform. WordPress is a customizable CMS. Creating a custom WordPress layout isn’t easy unless you know what you’re doing but hiring someone who knows opens up a larger door than most suspect. With a custom WordPress development you can nearly create anything you can imagine and have them train you along the way. The sky is nearly the limit.

Buy a Layout
Many sites are available online to purchase pre-fabricated layouts. You can find free Wordpress themes for all industries.

How-To Create a Website in Wordpress -- Video Tutorial