The Art of the Cold CallAugust 30, 2011

Well, technically, a cold call shouldn't ever be exactly cold: maybe luke warm with the right research.

Rule #1 - they might say, "No". Though never go into the call expecting, "No". Start by saying, "Yes"...example, the first sentence "Yes, good morning/afternoon/evening Mr. Smith.

Rule #2 - Speak slowly - no joke - when you introduce yourself, pronunciate your name & your business. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in you "spiel" that you rush through the introduction and leave your client lost at the beginning, wondering, "who is this again, what are they representing". If you lose them at the gate, they're going to say, "No."

Rule #3 - Avoid having a spiel. Not everyone responds to the same thing. Take your time and view everyone as a special little snow flake. Write out bullet points that you'd like to make during the call, that's it. Personalize every call.

Rule #4 - Practice, use a dictaphone and practice mock-calls. Listen to yourself. Are you nervous? Rushed? Edit your calls and your style.

Rule #5 - The Up-Note. Think of your voice as a musical instrument, use the calm and excitement like playing the piano. Always start up in pitch, then mellow out, then end every statement UP in pitch.

Rule #6 - Accept that people are people and timing is everything. Just because they said, "No" today doesn't mean they'll say, "No" tomorrow. They want what you have they just may not be ready at the time you're calling.

Rule #7 - When calling, always ask if it is a good time. If they say it's not, then politely ask them if it is okay to call back later.

Rule #8 - If you get through the call and they say, "No", don't take it personal. Thank them for their time and ask them if it is okay to check in with them next month.

Rule #9 - Always follow-up if you have stated that you will

Rule #10 - Always incorpoate your research into your conversation. If you know from the your info. they have kids who like soccer, ask about it. Engage your client and their interests, sometimes that means a 15 min call of them cooing over their grandkids - that's okay. They may still have no, but the next time your call you will have more info. to work with...

Lastly, be geniune. You're a human being too. Avoid being fake and short. No one wants to feel like a walking wallet.