Get Your Groupon or Living SocialSeptember 12, 2011

There are a couple things pertaining to Living Social &  Groupon & like discount email campaigns that you should be aware of.

1)     Be prepared for the rush, plan and speak with employees about what your expectations of increased volume of calls and
inquiries. Without preparation you may wind up with unhappy potential customers and a negative marketing experience. You may only receive 24 hours’ notice that  your deal is being launched.

2)     On the day your “deal” launches and for 3 weeks to follow, you will be inundated with calls, staff your phones accordingly, even if it requires a temp services or answering services for that period of time.

3)     Take control of your ad, you can word your own fine print, don’t leave it open-ended, set aside days “Only valid Tues-Thurs”
or dates of availability to enable you time in your schedule for new clients that aren’t discounted and your existing customers.

4)     Create an add-on or upsell as part of the “deal”, regardless of the deal if you have additional products or services
include a 15% off an item plus your deal. Example: 2 Laser Lip services & 15% off all supplements or Hair Cut & Color plus 10% off all hair care

5)     Create a spin-off campaign to get customers back. Print half-page flyers and encourage a repeat visit or invitation to an event

6)     What’s the rush? There’s no need to add an expiration date.

Groupon and Living Social services are a great way to get exposure for your business. Try to avoid looking at the loss of revenue as a negative. It’s a tax write off as a business expense for marketing. Make sure you track your discounted clients revenue from what you regularly charge and
save it for bookkeeping.

These types of services aren’t one size fits all. Do your homework and establish a campaign plan before signing on for any of these  services. If you run a Groupon, definitely stagger a Living Social deal for 4-6 mos. later.

Both of these service charges a percentage of the deal’s price and cut you a check for you after the deal concludes. Traditionally this
takes 30 days. Go to their websites for more info. and to sign up.