The Map to TreasureSeptember 16, 2011

 So, you're a pirate you want the booty, you've started your own voyage to success. You're the Captain and you need a map to the treasure. You may have an idea what it looks like and where to go, but you've never been there before and you definitely don't want to get lost.

So, before you depart, create a map, detailing exactly how you're going to find the gold. The absolute best place to start is the U.S. Dept of Small Business Administration. Study their site and business development strategies. Seriously, an amazing amount of tax dollars has been poured into to this site to help you make money so they can collect tax. Trust me, it's in their best interest to see that you're a success with your marketing.

You can find business plan outlines, contract, and grants available. Be on a first name basis with them:

Start planning today.

Example business plan: business-plan-for-the-small-construction-firm