Love LettersOctober 23, 2011

In the business world, a love letter is a note that a happy, satisfied client provides to the company they adore. This is also sometimes referred to as the customer quotes, comments, testimonials, and letter of recommendation. Often times, a client may require a little nudge to compel them into action. Always send a follow up email, letter, or hand written note encouraging their endorsement within 3 business days of their experience. Furthermore, feel free to offer a sample template of what/how the recommendation should read and length. People make a lot of things up in their mind, but if you present easy solutions they are more likely to be agreeable. Plus, some people don't have the time and it should be a task for them.

If and when they agree to write a review. Always follow up with 7 days from the date the agreed to. In marketing, if it has been 30 days or longer, it's okay to casually bring it up in conversation - but caution as to not to follow up expressly for this reason alone. Below are a couple of examples, where you can fill in the blank.

Sample Template to Client:

Dear ______,

Thank you for ________ with us at the _____. We enjoyed your ______ with us and hope you enjoyed your ______. The very best part of our job as ________ is getting to meet/serve people and spend time _____ over _____. We hope you have your own very special memories.

A majority of _____ who ______ us have ______ here before, or have heard from someone who has. We hope you feel enthused enough about your ______ to tell others about it. If so, you get credit for each friend referal. After any combination of 10 ____, referrals or gift certificate purchases, you get a _____ on us. Don’t forget to remind your friends to drop your name when they _____ us! You can find out more about our rewards program at:
(Insert URL)

You can share your feelings with many thousands of people on web sites such as Google Reviews,, or Better Business Bureau. These are also valuable resources to use the next time you ______ because there are so many thousands of people who have also shared their experiences.

The ________ is also the perfect spot for ______ and ______ including ______. Our web site has details about this, among many other things. We keep updating it all the time; it’s a great resource to use.

Thank you again, for your time with us and for sharing your experience with your friends, family, and others on the World Wide Web. We hope to talk to you again soon! Make it a great day.

(Insert Name/Contact Info)

Example of Recommendation/Review:

I've been coming here since ______. No _____, no ______, just good ol' ______...and then some!

The ____ here is fabulous. Known for their _________, this ______ . Around $(insert dollar amount) or so, it is SO worth it. Ask for a ________ of their ________.

Their _____ are easily_______. No kidding. I bought/had a ______ for ________ and it _______ or more.

As for the ambiance, they have a wonderful______ area with _______. There is also a ________ and_________.

This is one of our favorites when we __________!