Lights! Camera! Action!December 13, 2011

Video is an essential feature on Web sites. Web video is particularly important for small and mid-sized businesses as they represent the largest percentage of online businesses in the US. Having a video on your site can generate foot traffic as well as increase your search engine optimization.

First set-up an account a free account with or there are several private online services that will hosts videos for you. Not familiar with Youtube? Check out this tutorial, you'll be set-up in 10 minutes: Tuturorial: YouTube Account Set-Up

You can successfully dive in only after you review a few do's and don'ts.


  • Produce video with a steady hand

  • The “Blair Witch” documentary style often deters more attention than it invites

  • Be mindful of lighting

    • Too dark and the view will not be able to see, too bright and it’s irritating to watch

    • Make audio audible

      •  Pay attention to sound, background noise is ok (IF APPLICABLE TO VIDEO)

      • Main focus must be the “star” of your video, must be the predominant voice

      • Keep is short and sweet and fun!

        • People will get bored if you drag it on, why take 5 min to learn something when you can learn it in 3 minutes?


  • Don’t “free style” it

    • Plan it out, determine the process in advance

    • Don’t speak heavy industry jargon

      •  If they are watching your video, they’re trying to learn, not be frustrated with un-translated terminology

      • Don’t discuss multiple topics in the video

        • If you want to discuss multiple things, have multiple videos

        • Too many topics are unappealing

        • Don’t condescending

        • Be knowlegeful and informative, but remain modest and explanatory


  • WITTY FUN is your goal, information mixed with awe. Captivate, entice, and make your viewer yours. Whereas knowledge is important, if they’re bored, they won’t learn.

  • DIAMOND your video is better than gold, it’s valuable, captivating and valuable. Diamonds are one color, one shape, one theme. Keep it simple, complication is a deterrent.

Making a movie can be simple. Use a high quality webcam or videographer. Become familiar with Windows Movie Maker, you can find a 10 minute crash course here: 10 Minute WMM Course