Quick FixJanuary 4, 2012

Frequently, I'm asked, "What can I do now? I need business today!" Marketing is a building process. Whatever you do, be committed to it for the long run. I can't emphasize enough how critical it is to have mini and long-range marketing plans and campaigns penciled-down and well thought-out. However! Here's something that you can do this week, it still requires thought and consideration, but the results are a quick "temporary" fix. It's the Power of Three.

Here's how it works:

1) Establish your temporary goal, write it down. Example: Get two new clients this week, gain 10 new clients this month, earn a client/contract every business day this year. Also make sure to include a budget of how much your willing to spend to achieve that goal.

2) Go through your database and pin-point three close friends/family/clients that support and recognize what you do. These people should be well-connected to many other people. So you're looking for successful business owners or marketing professionals with big contact/client bases. You should know these people very well.

3) After you've carefully selected the three people, you are going to call them and tell them about your goals and objectives...everything! I'd take it a step further and call them and set up a meeting to discuss it, but this can work over the phone as well. Before you dive into your call, make sure to ask them if it is a good time for them to talk.

Then, you are going to ASK them what they would do if they wanted to achieve this goal if they were in the same position as yourself. Listen intently, write down ALL the ideas. If you don't understand an idea or concept, ask them to elaborate. NEVER combat their ideas or shoot them down, even if you think their stupid or you've done it and it failed. Just listen and be sure to tell them, "Great ideas!" and "You really know your stuff!" Thank them for their time and feedback.

4) Follow up with them later, via written communication (email, letter, thank you card). Thank them for their ideas, re-iterate the ideas to them (just to make sure you have a complete understanding of their feedback).

5) Take the ideas that you love and incorporate them into your marketing plan.

Once you've done these steps...this is where the magic happens. A very special thing happens when you ask someone for their advice and opinions on marketing, especially from someone who does marketing, watch and you will see that they actually start doing and implementing the ideas they shared with you for you! They will reach-out to their contacts and recommend you at the opportune times to their colleagues. They will volunteer time and free resources to see that'll you'll be successful implementing their ideas. They want to prove their ideas work, marketing people thrive on results. Accept and cherish this free help.

Whenever possible, return the favor. Go through your database and occasionally play matchmaker for them. After awhile, the fire dies down and that's why this is considered a temporary fix. However! All it takes is one recommendation from you for them and they'll be back helping you achieve your goals and revenue growth.

If you consistently do this, in due time, you will be cross referring and it becomes second nature to help one another promote. You can turn this quick fix into a long term strategy if you are consistent. Then...rinse, repeat every couple of months with three new well-connected people from your established database.

DO NOT try this in a mass approach. It simply doesn't work and won't come across as genuine.