Stake Your Reputation On ItFebruary 1, 2012

They're talking about you, sometimes not even behind your back but right under your nose. They're talking to their colleagues, friends, even their family. They're posting online, in reviews and forums, they're talking about you, but what are they saying? If you don't watch your own back or your company's, who will? Managing your professional reputation is one of the most quintessential elements of managing and enhancing your marketing campaign. You've got to know where you stand among your friend & enemies, your clients and colleagues. The feedback, good and bad can help shape internal operations and your approach to attracting new clients and revive the wishy-washy and nay-sayers.

As clients and companies quickly adapt to real-time Web actively, it's important to monitor what’s being said about them using social Web analysis. Dramatically step up your involvement in social and online media, recognizing that the media landscape has shifted radically. Take time to reorganize the way you monitor this online world and respond quickly, making sure to engage proactively by telling your story or announce new products/services. If possible, have multiple communications professionals who work the digital media scene part-time to full-time, and every member of your team should be involved at some level.

Most businesses already have talented creative writers at hand. Allow those writers to have some freedom in their business writing, enable them to add a personality touch to your company blog and dedicated social media. You must be where your customers are, regardless of your beliefs or understanding of Web marketing. You will be able to find opportunities to offer help to customers that need it and show gratitude by thanking customers for their business by tuning a keen ear to the posts, the rants and the raves. Study them and really listen. The tools provide real-time insight into consumer sentiment and news related to your business.

In a sea of posts and sites, you may find yourself asking, "Where to begin?" Open your internet browser and start with your favorite search engine. Type in your company name and/or products or services your firm offers. Even search employee's names who are the face of your firm. Make sure to write down your identified search phrases and terms so you can reference them in the future, it will also help when you train new staff on how to do it as well. Start with the big engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL Search.

Some other sites you will find helpful in your search:
Google Reviews
Better Business Bureau

Aye yi yi, sounds like a lot of work, right? Get a one-stop shop dashboard! Are you ready to learn more about a dashboard? Read my article: What's on Your Dashboard? Simplify and streamline this MUST-USE strategy and you can stake your reputation on the results.