What's On Your Dashboard?February 1, 2012

A social media Dashboard allows you to listen carefully, then monitor and report on conversations quickly & easily. These powerful search platforms scour the social web for on-topic mentions, delivering them to you in real-time. Configuration options allow you to filter by region or media type, or organize keywords into groups and even monitor competitors. You can set it to scan industry terms distinctly for your brand or campaign. Perhaps the best part is visually weighing results as most of these Dashboards provide data in pie charts and graphs, now you've got big picture behind your social media campaign!

Simply watching your website traffic alone is not going to be an accurate representation of your overall reach and network. Counting the number of friends, followers, and fans you have is not going to tell you the kind of audience you are attracting. Plus, there is so much content out there that is irrelevant, being able to sort out this "key" content streamlines the process. Receiving important answers to questions like: where are they going? How long did they stay? Where’d they come from?

Now, before you run out and grab a dashboard, think about what are the specific goals for you and your company? Do you want to track if people are sharing your website? Do you want to track specific social media campaigns? Each one requires different tools and focus.

If I had to guess, there are 100+ dashboards available on the internet, here are a few with the best reviews:


Most of these sites allow a 30 day test drive. Activate many of them at the same time and run side-by-side comparisons to make sure the one you settle-on is the best fit overall you.