About Us

Since 2003, Marketing Genius has successfully delivered solutions that integrate processes. We open markets and elevate our clients' to best in class. We are a 90% referral and repeat customer business which has continued to grow on its profits since the start.  We are debt-free and continually strive to decrease overhead and ensure a competitive price for our level of expertise.

Our solutions are based on evolving business trends allowing our clients to always stay current on business trends.  We continually push innovation because YOU demand it.

This site has a multiple purposes, the first and utmost is to make the world a better place by providing a concise and consolidated marketing resource to business professionals. The second is to assist those who simply do not have time to do it all themselves. Third is to promote goodwill to local charities and support our sponsors.

Our strategies produce amazing results across a multitude of industries and company sizes because we strictly adhere to your core business principals & objectives. If you're small we make you look big and grow your revenue, if you are big we'll keep you competitive, increase revenue, and push you to the headline.


Stay and check out our site. Guarantee you will learn something new today!